Safeguarding Monitor

Safeguarding Monitor is our flagship product. Every aspect of your safeguarding is supported, in order to give you and your team peace of mind.

Record, report and refer your concerns, with access for all staff. Appropriate permissions provide managed concern viewing, meaning sensitive data is protected with bank-level security. Detailed chronologies, printable reports and digitised referral forms means it’s easier to reach out for help, and to document progress.

Custom cohort tags allow you to identify and monitor vulnerable children, as well as demonstrating insight for your Ofsted inspection. A full compliance audit includes the new Keeping Children Safe in Education and the Ofsted inspection framework.

Your school safeguarding includes statutory training from paediatric first aid to safer recruitment. Customisable training reminders along with a document vault allow you to maintain and evidence training. With a health and safety checklist and reminders, you can be certain your statutory responsibilities are being met.

First aid incident logging and parent messaging is complimented by medicine permission, administration and expiry notifications, with custom location tagging to provide clear, accurate reporting.

Document broadcast allows you to share and maintain viewing logs for school policies, new legislation and memos. Staff document vaults and pupil vaults allow secure storage of confidential notes like custodial access, EHC Plans and Educational Psychologist reports. A full, regularly updated government document vault provides active copies of every current piece of legislation, statutory guidance and governmental advice on safeguarding.

Safeguarding Monitor is a system designed to support Designated Safeguarding Leads, SLT and governors in maintaining and improving safeguarding. With regular feature releases and feedback sessions, we work with schools to help you keep the most vulnerable children safe.

Joycelyn Thompson Head of Safeguarding

Having all safeguarding concerns and actions tracked in one place allows our schools to be more efficient and effective towards the care and protection of vulnerable children across the network. It has been an absolute positive change for safeguarding by investing in Safeguarding Monitor. The team is highly knowledgeable and understand the practices and processes required to provide an efficient system to support schools in their day-to-day safeguarding.

Plan actions, receive alerts and audit practice

  • Colour-coded alerts to help you prioritise
  • Clear view log and response trail
  • Compliance audit updated with legislation
  • Timed alerts for teaching staff
  • Statutory training reminders
  • Scheduled site safety check and maintenance alerts

See a holistic view of children

  • Full safeguarding history for each child
  • Meetings and referral records for a full picture
  • Printable chronology with time and type filters
  • Medication and first aid records
  • Tag concerns on multiple children
  • Share concerns with school staff as appropriate

Pastoral, behaviour, safeguarding and first aid casework

  • Concern categories based on Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018
  • Customisable language to suit your setting
  • Extended behaviour logging including witnesses
  • Child’s voice and parent response logging
  • First aid incident text messages
  • Bespoke location tags for accurate recording

Store documents

  • Full Government document vault
  • School document vault for policies
  • Upload with open or limited access
  • View logs for all school documents
  • Full compliance audit referencing legislation
  • Broadcast new documents and maintain view log

Track staffing and health and safety responsibilities

  • Full staff Single Central Record
  • Statutory safeguarding training record
  • Training reminders with time to rebook
  • Site safety and maintenance reminders
  • Record allegations against staff
  • Record LADO referrals and responses

Live reporting to support governance

  • Clear visual reporting with cohort breakdown
  • Local authority threshold reporting
  • Pupil Premium, FSM and LAC reporting
  • Meeting reporting for best practice
  • Archived children option for historical reporting
  • Concerns by child or by category


Safeguarding Monitor pricing is based on an annual licence fee, which includes updates to the software and legislation, access to our training videos and knowledge base, and email and telephone support from our team.

If you’re already using a digital safeguarding system from another provider, want to purchase for a group of schools, or if you have other requirements please contact us to discuss pricing.

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