The first complete safeguarding package

Helping schools keep children safe whilst reducing workload and delivering a clear picture.

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How it works

Monitor and audit the school's safeguarding practices; manage all pupil, staff responsibility and health and safety casework; action plan and manage all safeguarding tasks.

Safeguarding Monitor allows you to begin with the most appropriate parts of the system to focus on your school's needs.

Action Plan & Alerts

  • Alerts
    Be alerted to concerns, incidents, accidents and hazards throughout the school; alert others on a need-to-know basis.
  • Action Plan
    Track actions on a day-to-day and longer term basis; ensure facilities are managed safely.
  • Review Planning
    Manage safeguarding projects including policy and practice.


  • Audit
    Audit school practice using self-assessment questions.
  • Policies
    Precise links to over 100 national documents; source templates and guides; a vault for your school’s policies and procedures.
  • Staff Responsibilities
    Track recruitment, roles, and suitability. Develop a full training record covering all safeguarding competencies; set alerts for reaccreditation.
  • Health & Safety
    Premises audit; condition and security log; generate registers for visits; fire safety; prepare risk assessments; crisis log.
  • Leadership & Governance
    Gain an overview of practice throughout the schoool, ensure staff and governors' duties are fulfilled.


  • Child Profile & Characteristics
    Automatically linked from your MIS, allows identifying vulnerable groups of children within your school.
  • Pastoral Care
    Record pupil support, SENDs, alert colleagues, plan actions for casework management.
  • Child Protection
    Escalate from pastoral concerns and incidents, map to LA child protection thresholds, support referrals, share appropriately with colleagues.
  • Medical Needs
    Medication alerts and records, mental health support, first aid records and monitoring, emergency log.
  • Prepare Reports
    Effectively track and monitor children on an individual and cohort basis.

Simple pricing

An annual licence for the complete package, based on the size of your school.

Primary schools

Up to 250 pupils


251 to 750 pupils


751 or more pupils


Secondary schools

Up to 750 pupils


751 to 1000 pupils


1001 or more pupils


For academy chains, to buy for a group of schools, or if you have other requirements please contact us to discuss pricing.

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We prefer to visit your school and meet with your team to demonstrate the system, but are also happy to arrange an online walkthrough.