Visitor Monitor

Visitor Monitor is a touchscreen sign-in system designed specifically for schools and education settings. Visitor Monitor pulls staff and pupil data directly from your MIS, allowing quick sign-in. Let your office team prioritise face-to-face connections with your community, instead of keeping track of detailed physical record books.

Customised sign-in and sign-out reasons mean you can record and maintain clear attendance reasons: from off site education to sports matches, alternative provision and medical care. Keep clear punctuality records for staff and pupils, and update the options whenever you need.

Assign numbered visitor badges from your office computers, including separate badges for DBS-clearance status. Your office staff can manually sign a visitor out if they forget, ensuring your evacuation list is always accurate. Manage all activity directly within Visitor Monitor; fully integrated with Safeguarding Monitor so no separate system sign-in is required.

Visitor Monitor is cloud-hosted and remotely accessible, so your evacuation lists are to hand as soon as you need them: on phones, tablets and touchscreens. With historical logs including exact dates and times, you’re always holding an up-to-date list.

As we continue to develop Visitor Monitor we’ll be adding attendance data pulling through from your MIS; MIS write-back for late sign-ins and early sign-outs including reasons; and further enhancements allowing you to record the DBS status of visitors.

Keep track of pupils, staff, and visitors

  • Clear attendance data
  • Customised sign-in and sign-out reasons
  • Track lateness, medical leave and offsite education
  • Monitor punctuality
  • Monitor out-of-hours attendance
  • Issue numbered visitor badges

Cloud-based logging and reporting

  • Up-to-date evacuation lists
  • Remotely hosted in case of outage
  • Mobile accessible for all staff
  • Detailed visitor records
  • Monitor staff punctuality
  • Available on a range of devices to suit your setting


Visitor Monitor pricing is based on an annual licence fee, which includes updates to the software, access to our training videos and knowledge base, and email and telephone support from our team.

There is also a one-off fee for the touchscreen(s) - Visitor Monitor works seamlessly whether you have one entrance, three different entrances or entirely separate sites. We have a range of touchscreen options available, from a 10” tablet suitable for desks and small entrances, to wall-mounted touchscreens.

If you are interested in purchasing Visitor Monitor in conjunction with Safeguarding Monitor, please contact us to learn more about our packages.

Licence fee

Touchscreen options